Greetings Confirmands,
We are excited to announce that the Lakewood, Celoron and Westfield United Methodist Churches will be teaming up to offer confirmation classes this spring. Students from 7th grade and up are strongly encouraged to participate. Confirmation is the perfect time to explore what the Church claims to believe, to raise your own questions, and to confirm your trust in Christ. Below are the locations of the 10 classes (split evenly between the two churches). The classes will run from March 10th through June 2nd. Since there are only ten classes which last from 7pm-8pm, attendance at each class is strongly encouraged.
Together we will be using the Confirm Student Guide to help us think, reflect, and live into what it means to be a member of the United Methodist Church, but even more importantly a committed follower of Jesus Christ. The Confirm Student Guide provides short assignments for you to complete before each session. The old saying is true, “What you put into confirmation is what you will get out of confirmation.” Each student is asked to pay $7 for their confirmation material. Your congregation has graciously covered the remaining cost.  At the first class a sheet will be provided where you may signup to bring a snack one week during confirmation (i.e. chips, cookies, beverages).
On the morning of June 9th, we will celebrate what the Christian faith calls Pentecost. We will discus further what happened and will happen on Pentecost. However, during Sunday worship in our respective congregations you will be presented for membership in your local church community. We are excited to work with you and to prepare you for this special day. In the meantime, please contact your church office to let us know that we can expect to see you during confirmation. If there are any further questions, please address them to your pastor.                                                                             
            Pastors Mike & Nick

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May 26th: NO CLASS Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  

June 2nd: 7pm @ Westfield UMC –

Box Car Barneys when done!