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  1. Winifred Cady (Winifred Stoolfer Cady, b 11/1866; joined 1894; d 1/1956; married Henry Cady ~1892 ; daughter of Irvine & Eleanor Gregg Stoofler?; sister of Robert Stoofler, Harriet Stoofler Jackway; mother of Philip Cady, Mrs Kathleen Cady Rosel ,Mildred Cady Morgan & Robert Cady
  2. Olive M Jones(Frances Olive Morgenstern Jones; b ~5/1885, d 1977; daughter of Herman & Amelia Christine Zahm(Zahn) Morgenstern; sister of Reuben & Paul Morgenstern; married Bert L Jones on 10/26/1911; mother of Howard)
  3. Mrs K W Seiter(Mabel F Warner Seiter; b 2/12/1893, d 11/7/1965, daughter of Martin & Mary Warner [daughter of Martin & Anna Mariah Schocker]; married Kasson Walker Seiter; sister ½ – Geore E Lillie, Lucy Lillie, Carlton Pratt, full – Sherman Warner, Francis Warner
  4. Albert E Rohring( b 1/5/1880, d 12/1970; married Amelia C Rohring; father of Betty; step-brother of Lydia Schrader Perry, Herman Schrader, Rudolph Schrader, Hilda Whitcher & Edna Miller; son of Christopher & Hannah Schrader;
  5. James Lloyd Jr (James Bird Lloyd Jr; b 1/23/1907, d 2/1984; son of James & Elizabeth(Libby) Zimmerman Lloyd Sr; married Hazel Saunders Lloyd on 2/7/1931; father of Phyllis, James D, Robert, Myrna; brother  Bessie, Martin, Raymond & True)
  6. Mrs H A Johns (Elsie B Smith Johns; b 1898, d 1962; married Howard A Johns on 9/3/1921; daughter of Stephen & Belle Kinney Smith; mother of Virginia & Paul
  7. Howard A Johns (b 1895, d 9/15/1961, married Elsie Smith on 9/3/1921; son of Benjamin & Susanna Adams Johns; father of Virginia & Paul;
  8. F T Walker(Franklin T Walker, b 1864, husband of Ellen Risebrough Walker; father of Charlotte, Lysle, Agnes Walker; son of Thomas & Charlotte Walker; brother of George, Mary, Edward, Agnes & Christopher Walker)
  9. Margaret Murphy(b ~1868; daughter of Eva Miller, mother of Emma Smith & Lena Murphy; div in 1910, widow in 1940; 1905 census – Married to William Murphy, children – Fred, Carl & Emma Smith – immigrated at age 20
  10. Nellie Galloway(Nellie A Galloway; b 12/1864, d 5/6/1952, joined 3/21/1920; daughter of James & Rachel Ann Cossgrove Galloway; sister of Hugh, John & Nina Galloway
  11. Monroe Amidon(Cassius Monroe Amidon; b 7/20/1883; joined 1920; d 1/11/1978; son of Edwin & Gertrude Amidon; married Estella Alice Wilson Amidon on; brother of John, Irving(Irvine), Laura, Perrin, George & Ruth, Amidon; father of John & Donald Amidon
  12. Floyd Watts(
  13. Julia Poole(b ~1877, daughter of Henry Poole & Emma Royce Poole McIlvin; sister of Nellie Poole, Mary Poole Waterman, Ernest Poole;
  14. Mary C Wiser( daughter of Lawrence & Margaret Wiser; sister of Frances E Wiser, Margaret Wiser Powers
  15. Charles Haskell (b 8/1874, son of Samuel A & Charlotte (Lottie) Pergio Haskell; brother of Ida, Milton & Ruth Haskell; div per 1930 census, step father of Richard Davis; married Mabel Parker Davis Haskell (she was a widow at time of marriage) on 6/6/1908)
  16. Wallace Moore(joined 6/19/1927; d 9/18/1959; married Mary Moore Fuller; son Andrew Wallace & Catherine Turner Moore; father of Victoria & Richard)
  17. Mary Starkweather(Mary Lela Hill Starkweather, b 8/9/1894, d 7/1967, daughter of Albert & Bernice Smith Hill, married Jay Dascomb Starkweather, mother of Alice  & Charles Starkweather)
  18. Bert L Jones(b 4/11/1883, d 5/23/1972, son of Horace C & Martha Barden Jones, married Olive Morgenstern Jones on 10/26/1911, father of Howard Jones; brother of Fred B Jones)
  19. Mrs Eugene Jackson(Irene Jackson; b 1/29/1893;d 12/1986; married Eugene Jackson on ; mother of Albert, Isabelle, Paul, Lucille, Betty(Elizabeth), Margaret, Robert & Richard; sister of Gladys Westlake Schoonover

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