Block 19

  1. Grace Miller (Grace M Royce Miller; b 4/28/1886; joined 4/10/1904; d 6/22/1974; daughter of Dana F & Jennie A Royce; married Edward G Miller; sister of Blanche, Maude & Ralph)
  2. J Vernon Wantshouse (John Vernon Wantshouse; b 9/8/1892, d 4/16/1969; married Irene Baker Wanthouse on 6/26/1916; son of Charles G & Ida Nelson Wantshouse; brother of Charlotte, Charles & Harry; father of Jane)
  3. Mrs J Vernon Wantshouse (Irene Baker Wantshouse, b 12/231890; joined 1/19/1921; d 12/1978; married J Vernon Wantshouse on 6/26/1916; mother of Ida Jane Wantshouse Smith; daughter of Albert J & Mary Tanner Baker; sister of Clarence, Edna, Arthur & Florence)
  4. Ida Jane Wantshouse (Ida Jane Wantshouse Smith; Jane W Smith; b 3/12/1919; d 11/2/1982; joined 4/9/1933; daughter of J Vernon & Irene Baker Wantshouse; married Dan Smith on 12/16/1943; mother of Christopher)
  5. Mary R Bowers (Mary R Smith Bowers, b 2/12/1856; joined 1895; d 12/8/1853; daughter of Michael & Rosanna Hinds Smith; married Dr John N Bowers; mother of Arthur)
  6. Nellie M Ames (Nellie Hopson Ames; b 1863, joined 4/16/1922; d 3/2/1944; joined 4/16/1922; daughter of Schuyler & Angeline Howard Hopson, married Frank Gardner Ames; mother of Arlene Tucker & Bernice Ames Backman, sister of Adelade, Dianthy, Celestia, Seth, Sidney, Frank, Howard & Elverton)
  7. Leigh S Waite (b12/28/1882; d 4/6/1959; husband of Buelah Waite; son of Walter & Ida Remington Waite, father of Max, Roger & Marc Waite, brother of Arthur, George & Effie)
  8. Donald J Amidon (b 12/10/1909; d 10/24/1999, married Dorothy Marie Pruner 6/16/1935, father of Alan & Donna; son of Cassius Monroe & Estella A Wilson Amidon; brother of John Wilson Amidon)
  9. Dr E Rood( Dr Edgar Rood; b 5/1852; d 2/7/1943; son of Wilson & Sally Chase Rood; married Estelle Wood Rood(d1921); brother of Alexander, Chauncey, Clarasa & George; father of Wilson Rood; Jessie Ruffin & Frances Blatherwick Hamling)
  10. Jessie Watson (b ~ 1880; sister of Nellie Watson; immigrated from Scotland ~ 1888, moved to California in 1947)
  11. William P Oakes (b 9/13/1886; joined 6/6/1909, d 12/9/1957; married Mabel Hewitt Oakes 12/27/1913 in Buffalo; father of Kathryn, Helen & Barbara; son of Ira & Isabelle Bailey Oakes)
  12. Helen Oakes (Helen Oakes Wilson; b ~1919; daughter of William & Mabel Oakes; sister of Barbara & Kathryn; married Harold Wilson)
  13. Barbara Oakes (Barbara Jane Oakes Tritt; b 11/24/1924; joined 1937; d 4/17/1992; daughter of William & Mabel Hewitt Oakes; sister of Helen & Kathryn; married William N Truitt on 6/6/1948)
  14. Amy Caldwell (Amy Sophia Anderson Caldwell; b 4/1889; married Herman Caldwell 4/18/1917; daughter of Franz& Wilhemina Carlson Anderson; sister of Elmer & Anna; moved to South Bend, Indiana)
  15. Kathryn Oakes(Kathryn Oakes Bellingham; b ~1918; joined 1934; daughter of William & Mabel Hewitt Oakes; married Thomas Bellingham 11/9/1957)
  16. Mabel Oakes (Mabel E Hewitt Oakes; b 12/1886; joined 4/19/1914; d 3/16/1970; married William Oakes 12/27/1913 in Buffalo; mother of Katherine, Helen & Barbara, daughter of Frank C & Belle Hewitt, sister of Winnie, Eleanor, Maude [her twin])
  17. Ward C Young (Ward Courtney Young; b 5/14/1881; joined 9/14/1914; d 4/7/1964; married Minnie Heims Young on 4/24/1920; father of Robert & Shirley; son of Joshua & Claissa Shaw Young)
  18. Mrs Ward Young (Minnie Heims Young; b~1890; joined 9/14/1914; married Ward Young; mother of Robert & Shirley; daughter of William & Adeline Brunjes Heines)
  19. Miss Nan Nonomaque (Nannette (Nancy) Nonomaque, b 1869; d 1950; daughter of Joseph & Lizzie; sister of Hortense, Kate, Josie & Eddie )

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