Church update – March 18, 2020

  March 18th, 2020


            I want to provide an update about our church and its activities. On Sunday March 22nd, and Sunday March 29th public gatherings of worship will be canceled (including Sunday School and Bible Study). We are heeding the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal, State, Local government officials, and our denominational leaders. We will publish further updates of closures and re-openings through text message, email, church webpage, and Facebook postings. The church office will remain open during the week to help coordinate the needs of our congregation and wider community with pastoral support.

            A Sunday message will be provided on our church’s Facebook and webpage. In addition, there will be PowerPoint slides containing prayers, Scripture readings, lyrics to hymns, and links to music videos. Fortunately, many have already accessed previous Sunday messages when they were unable to attend Sunday worship.

            The people of our congregation come from a rich history. As Methodists, our days began with the use of circuit riders. A circuit rider was minister who traveled often by horseback in large loops around the country. This meant that the folks that established our congregation would go a month or more before the preacher rode back into town. Historically, this was a season of spiritual awakening and revival as congregations deepened their faith in Christ through personal prayer, the reading of Scripture, and the singing the songs of our common faith. Today is an invitation to return to the basics of our faith and to reclaim the rich heritage to which we belong.

            As Christians, we are all seeking God’s direction during this time of uncertainty. I want us to continue to listen for God’s voice. Perhaps, we can find meaningful ways as our earliest members to celebrate the hope we have in Christ and to make a difference for God’s Kingdom in our community. While we will not be holding public worship in church for the next two Sundays, it is a good reminder that the church is not a building; the church is a people. Please find creative and healthy ways of being the church: call upon one another with prayer requests, wrestle with Scripture together, share a prepared meal with a neighbor, etc.

The Community Food Kitchen at this moment will be serving take-out meals for their clients. The Community Food Pantry is operating without folks having to enter the building.  The Appleseed Pre-School is following in the footsteps of our school system and are closed until further notice. All church activities are canceled until the end of March.

The church office is open, and we are ready to serve and meet the ends of our congregation and community. Pastor Nick will continue to provide pastoral care during this time. Please be in communication with friends, family, neighbors, and church members. Let us know of any needs where we may be able to assist. There is no honor in staying open and there is no shame in closing. However, when church services are canceled folks tend to forget to continue to support the church through their giving. Please continue to send your gifts, tithes, and offerings to support the ministry and our beloved church employees. It is our responsibility to support both our congregation and its employees during this time.

There are a lot of unknowns. However, we must continue to trust in God and work together for a better tomorrow. If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact Pastor Nick or the church office. 




                                                                                                Nicholas Perry, Pastor

                                                                                                Office: (716) 326-3243