I can think of no other study that has placed me in such close contact with the Scripture and fostered a sense of belonging to a community than Disciple Bible Study. Currently we have ten individuals signed up from our study of the Old Testament. It delights my heart that over the course of twelve-weeks together we will read the Old Testament.

            The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, used to spend time every day in prayerful study of the Scripture. Disciple Bible Study provides a structure to help us engage the Scripture daily. In the book Living Our Beliefs, author Kenneth Carder writes, “By searching the scriptures, learning the stories of faith, wrestling with their meaning, looking for a Word from the Lord, God comes walking from the pages of the Bible into our mind and spirit.” Ultimately, my prayer is that each of us, myself included, will encounter God moving in our lives.

            Individually, you are to read the assigned readings prior to meeting for class on Wednesday evenings @7pm. For example, the overarching theme of our first session, September 7th is Creation. In the Disciple Bible Study Manual on pages 6-7, follow the instructions for the readings for Days 1-5. On Day 6, read “The Bible Teaching” and “Marks of Discipleship” sections found on pages 8-13, and answer the questions. Each time we gather at the First United Methodist Church in Westfield, should be considered Day 7. We will rinse, wash, and repeat this pattern through each week until the study is concluded.

            I am grateful for our church to host Disciple Bible Study. Even more, I am thankful for your anticipated presence and participation. For the purpose of our study, I would recommend one of the following Bible translations: New International Version, New Revised Standard Version, or the Common English Bible. These translations tend to provide a more thought-for-thought interpretation of the Scripture. The above-mentioned translations are the ones we most typically use in Sunday school, worship, and Bible studies. While a study Bible is recommended by the editors of Disciple Bible Study one is not required; often times a study note simply helps to make sense of an oddity in Scripture (e.g., weights and measurements, ancient customs, religious practices). Bring your Bible and your Disciple Study manual with you each week. Honestly, I cannot wait for us to get started.


Pastor Nicholas Perry

 Cell: (716) 940-9228