Easter Letter 2019




On Easter morning, the church proclaims more than an empty tomb. The abandoned tomb points us to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the season leading to the celebration of Easter, we have kept near the cross of Jesus. At the foot of the cross, we have heard the blood curdling screams of forsakenness and Jesus whisper his trust in the Lord. The dark of that fateful Friday afternoon gave way to the resurrection’s early light a couple days later.


          Describing Easter’s impact on us, Peter writes, “In [God’s] great mercy [God] has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…”      (1 Peter 1:3). This verse is packed with so much nutrition, that I have only quoted in part. However, I am fascinated with Peter’s words, “into a living hope”. One theologian remarked, “Hope is a fundamental and characteristic virtue in 1 Peter, one that defines the experience of the Christian.” God’s merciful act of salvation is witnessed on the cross and is demonstrated in the resurrection of Jesus from the grave.


          On Easter Sunday, when it is still dark, I try to imagine what the women and disciples of Jesus must have felt. I suppose they felt despair and utterly dejected. Perhaps, that is where we find ourselves as if we are at the end of a rope, losing our grip on our lives, watching hope slip from our hands. Yet, as the congregation gathers on Easter morning, and the first notes of Christ the Lord is Risen Today fill the sanctuary, we don’t have to succumb to life’s bitter disappointments, devastating griefs, tragic betrayals. Whatever has tried to undo us in the past has been conquered through the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sin and death do not have the final claim over our lives, because “In [God’s] great mercy [God] has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…” (1 Peter 1:3).


You are invited to come and worship the Risen Christ with us. We have two Easter services, an Early service at 8:30am and a Traditional service at 10:45am. Our Easter message is entitled, Lord of All drawing upon Peter’s last recorded sermon found in Acts 10:34-43. Along with singing the rich hymns of our faith, each service will uphold the beloved tradition of placing cut flowers on the cross.


Personally, I look forward to Easter. It would be a delight to have you celebrate this Easter with the congregation. If you have any questions about what we believe, or what to expect in Easter morning worship, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. This Easter may you be blessed as you discover anew what Peter calls our “living hope.”

Easter Blessings, Nicholas Perry, Pastor nicholasperry@yahoo.com (716) 940-9228

Sunday, April 14 – Palm Sunday

9:30 Sunday School

Combined 10:45 am service —Cantata

(No Jr Church)


Holy Thursday, April 18 7:00 PM

Combined service with Hurlbut Church at Westfield


Good Friday—April 19 —Way of the Cross

Noon— Moore Park


April 20 6 PM – April 21 6 AM

Easter Eve Vigil – Sign up Sheet outside office


Easter Sunday, April 21

8:30 Service

9:30 Sunday School

10:45 Worship

(No Jr Church)