July 9, 2020



            I trust this letter finds your loved ones and you well. You are often in my thoughts and frequently in my prayers. Nothing in my seminary-training ever prepared me for the Covid-19 pandemic. I found my gut reactions kept in check by CDC guidelines and the call for New Yorkers to Pause. While I celebrate the reopening of our state, my excitement is tempered by the challenge to do so in a safe and cautious manner.   

You have no doubt already noticed the changes that local businesses have endured for their customers. I suspect you have heard of businesses having to make alterations to fit the newest guidelines issued. The church wants to assure you that we have and will continue to prepare our building for your return to in-person worship. When we return for public worship there will be guidelines that we will follow.

            We are slowly welcoming small groups of roughly ten persons together for a short Bible lesson, prayer, and conversation. During these informal small groups there will be an opportunity to partake in Holy Communion (an individual wafer and cup) for those that desire to receive the elements. During these small gathering times we ask for you to wear a facemask and to continue to practice social distancing measures. We request that you contact the Church Office (716) 326-3243 to reserve your seat prior to arriving to the church. Small Group gathering dates:


Sunday July 12, @ 10am       Tuesday July 14, @10am      Thursday July 16, @ 10am

Sunday July 19, @ 10am       Tuesday July 21, @10am      Thursday July 23, @ 10am

Sunday July 26, @ 10am       Tuesday July 28, @ 10am     Thursday July 30th, @ 10am


            We tentatively plan to return to in person worship on Sunday August 2nd @ 10am. The decision to resume public worship on this date has not been made in haste. While we prepare to hold worship in the Fellowship Hall, we ask that you continue to hold our nation in prayer as many places continue to wrestle with Covid-19. Please be aware that worship will look, feel, and sound different than before the pandemic. For example, no bulletins, no singing, facemasks must be worn, use of hand sanitizer when entering/leaving the building, and social distancing. These are the measures needed to be implemented in our return to in person worship on August 2nd.  

            There are many folks that are working diligently behind the scenes to help our return to worship to be safe and meaningful. We ask for your grace and cooperation. Although we would love to see everyone return on August 2nd, we understand and affirm the need for persons to return when they are comfortable to do so. We do not want to discourage anyone from communal worship. However, we ask that you prayerfully consider how and when you may resume public worship. For example, persons 65 years (or older) and/or those who underlining health concerns may want to take extra precautions. 

            Once in person worship resumes on August 2nd, all worship times will be held at 10am. I look forward to being with you under the same roof and exploring the fascinating letter of Ephesians. In the meantime, know that you are being held in prayer. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact our Administrative Assistant, LeAnn or Pastor Nick in the Church Office. 


In Christ,


Pastor Nicholas Perry