Rev. Dr. Nicholas Perry & Fire Chief Christopher Reese


The First United Methodist Church of Westfield did something a little different this year for Father’s Day (June 2022). As a way of remembering and honoring or fathers (and others in the community), we offered “Fire Hydrant’s” for people to give in honor of or in memory of anyone they choose. We were able to raise $330 for the Westfield Fire Department. Many thanks to all that participated.

2020 brings Illini 4000  Bike riders in May
and Bike & Build Riders in June!!!
postponed due to Covid-19
We really enjoy hosting both groups and look forward to seeing them again next year!

Reverse Advent Calendar!

The First United Methodist Church of Westfield’s Mission and Outreach team started a project on December 1, 2019. It was the Reverse Advent Calendar project. The idea behind the project was to give an item every day of Advent that would go to the Westfield Community Food Pantry. It encouraged people to put the item listed for that day in a box or bag and at the end of advent, you had 24 plus items for the food pantry.  After getting a list of items needed from the Food Pantry (many items not available from the Food Bank), they had 3 styles of calendars printed: one that was like a calendar, one that was like a Bingo card and one that was a list. The church not only challenged their congregation, but the Westfield community and all Methodist Churches in the Cornerstone District.


On January 5, the First United Methodist Church of Westfield blessed the items that had been donated and following the service, many volunteers from the church and community came to help move, sort and shelve the donations (from not only the Methodist Church but also items from other area churches) to the food pantry. More than 1,500 items were donated from the Methodist Church but a total of well over 2,000 were donated to the Westfield Community Food Pantry through this project.  


We would like to thank everyone involved in this project from beginning to end – those that coordinated the project, those that donated to the project and those that helped carry, sort and shelve all of those donations.


Items collected (and always needed) included: Pancake Syrup (in plastic containers); Pancake Mix; Spaghetti Sauce (in plastic jars or cans); Cream of chicken soup; Elbow macaroni (no whole wheat or multi grain please); Canned Peas; 1 lb bags of white rice; Canned Chili; Canned Corn; Chunky soups; Boxed mashed potatoes; Juice – Any Flavor (64 oz); Mac and Cheese; Jelly (in plastic jars); Toilet Paper; Canned soups; Pasta Sauces (Canned); Apple Sauce (in plastic jars); Shelf Stable Milk; Canned meals (like spaghetti-o’s; beefaroni); Canned Kidney beans; Cream of mushroom soup; Canned Ravioli; Spices (Salt, pepper…); Feminine Hygiene products; diapers; Condiments; baking items (flour, sugar…) and Laundry Soap.

Blessing the food
Sorting & stocking the shelves

Full Shelves

2019 brings Illini 4000  Bike riders in May
and Bike & Build Riders in June!!!
We really enjoy hosting both groups and look forward to seeing them again next year!
ILLINI 4000 – May 2019


Red Bird Mission Shoe box

The Mission and Outreach Board and the Sunday School classes teamed up for this mission project.

Red Bird Mission has provided ministries in the Appalachian Mountains region since 1921. Today, the need remains critical in this isolated, rural, distressed area. These shoe boxes can address the needs of Red Bird’s Health & Wellness and Community Outreach ministries



Bike & Build came in June 2016!
The Bike and Build team for 2016 was here on  June 30 – July 1 . Bike & Build organizes cross-country bicycle trips which benefit affordable housing groups. We were blessed to feed and house these young people as they travel across America.  
2016 Photos
P1300104 P1300105
2015 Photos

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Haiti: update – Pastor Molly continues to make annual trips to Haiti.
Pastor Molly went to Haiti in February for a sewing small business mission trip. Look for follow up information on this trip.
“Beautiful Women Who Are Sewing” (their new logo)
Thank you to the many women who contributed money and well over 250 lbs of supplies – fabric, thread, buttons, rick rack, seam rippers, measuring tapes, etc. etc. etc. to the Haiti sewing mission. Each woman already created enough to receive what is a one week salary in Haiti. They have enough materials and supplies to give them a 2 month salary plus enough to continue to invest in their own business. Your gifts have changed lives!
Feb 2016 Photos

Illini 4000 were here in  June 2016!
June 5/6, we were able to provide food and housings as a group of riders from
Illini 4000
made there way through the area. This was our second year of hosting them and hope they make there way back on future trips.
The Illini 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the American cancer experience through The Portraits Project, raising funds for cancer research and patient support services, as well as spreading awareness for the fight against cancer through annual cross-country bike rides.

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We made it to San Francisco!  After 71 days, starting in New York City, the Illini 4000 team biked to San Francisco to raise both awareness and donations for cancer research and patient support services. This summer was an amazing experience that we will never forget.  As a team, we were able to explore new parts of the United States, meet extremely generous individuals, form lasting friendships, and improve our cycling skills.  More meaningful was hearing the stories of individuals affected by cancer.  They were inspiring and always a great reminder of why we ride across the country.  Thank you for supporting us throughout this process.  Without your generosity this ride would not be possible.  Due to your assistance, we were able to safely travel across the USA, raising over $87,000 for cancer research and patient support services and collecting 36 portraits of individuals affected by cancer.


Once again, thank you for our support.  We look forward to staying in contact with you in future years.


Additionally, if you would like to keep in touch with us more frequently, feel free to follow us on:
 Facebook: Illini 4000
 Twitter: Illini 4000

or contact us at



Alison DeBruyn

Director of Supporter Relations, Illini 4000


P.O. Box Illini

4000 2431

Champaign, Illinois 61825

Africa 360

For the month of April, 2016 we  focused on Africa 360. Each week in the church bulletin, we  highlighted either education, medicine or agriculture.  (Check our blog section [Africa 360] for the weekly insert

The Upper NY Conference has committed to the mission/initiative. As members of the United Methodist Church, we are part of a connectional church. Therefore, we are asked to contribute when we are called and are able.

The church  set a goal of $500.  [update – we reached $1000 – way to go!!!] (not only that – the children collected an additional $25.00+ in change to add to our total!)


africa 360 back
On Sunday, June 28, 2015 we were blessed to have Christian Perry join us for worship and then talk to us about Little Angels of Honduras. Those that were able to stay were energized!

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