Our Stained Glass Windows – Hines

by Billie Dibble

Hines, William T Hines
Just once in a while, do you let your mind wander during a church service and look at the beautiful stained glass windows in our sanctuary? For a fleeting moment do you become curious about the names in the windows?

One name that appears on a window is Wm. T. Hines (Usually the name is spelled Hynes) Yes, his name was William True Hynes and he was a 49er, who left Westfield with a company of men headed by Mr. Ruben Wright to cross the plains and mountains in the search of gold in California.                 Forty years later he returned to the old mining ground and was amazed to see the gardens and large cities occupying the places that had been wild and solitary on his first journey.                 Early in his life he was converted and united with the church here in Westfield. When our current church was built, Mr. Hynes with other faithful men “put their shoulders to the wheel.” Besides the labor he performed and the risks he ran in signing notes for the borrowed money, he gave cash more than$2,200. It is said that in order to raise a part of this money, he sold his farm. “He gave freely but the Lord blessed him in the sacrifices and gave him prosperity. He worked hard to earn money, that with it he might help his family, his church and his Community.”                 Mr. Hynes had one daughter who was Lillian Chapman, whom some of the older members of our church may remember as the elderly woman who always wore her beautiful paisley shawl to services.