Our Stained Glass Windows – John W. Rodgers

Our Stained Glass Windows (As taken from the Westfield Republican newspaper – May 3, 1944 – with permission)  rodgers tall Rogers, John W Memorial Designation By Karl Shearer Some years go there was established a fund known as the John W. Rodgers memorial fund. This fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. William Rodgers, in memory of their son who died in World War I. Read more…

Our Stained Glass Windows – Andrew Kelsey, Jr.

Our Stained Glass Windows – Andrew Kelsey, Jr.

 By Billie Dibble
(Used with permission)
Kelsey, Andrew Kelsey

Andrew Kelsey, Sr. was an early settler in the town of Portland. He and his wife, Elizabeth House Kelsey, were the parents of eight children, three sons and five daughters. One of the sons, Andrew Kelsey, Jr., whose name appears on one of our beautiful stained glass windows, was born on July 18, 1829. His early life was spent on the farm with his father, who taught him to labor and be industrious. In a short time, he owned a good farm of his own and operated it at a profit. Read more…

Our Stained Glass Windows – Philander and Jennie Bemis

Our Stained Glass Windows – Philander and Jennie Bemis
by Billie Dibble (Used with permission)
Bemis, Philander w & Jennie Bemis

The names of philander and Jennie Bemis appear on one of the beautiful glass windows in our sanctuary. Are you curious about them? Read more…

Our Stained Glass Windows – House

Our Stained Glass Windows – House  By Billie Dibble
House, CyrusHouse

Another of our stained glass windows bears the name of Cyrus House.

                Mr. House was born in Westfield on February 10, 1825. He was brought up on a farm and educated in the “Common Schools”. When he was 3- years of age, he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in the old Burch School House on Prospect Road. Rev. John Prosser was the minister who “received” him. On August 4, 1892 Cyrus House and Miss Ella J Kelsey were united in marriage at the home of Andrew Kelsey. Dr. S. H. Prather performed the ceremony. Read more…

Our Stained Glass Windows – Hines

by Billie Dibble

Hines, William T Hines
Just once in a while, do you let your mind wander during a church service and look at the beautiful stained glass windows in our sanctuary? For a fleeting moment do you become curious about the names in the windows?

One name that appears on a window is Wm. T. Hines (Usually the name is spelled Hynes) Yes, his name was William True Hynes and he was a 49er, who left Westfield with a company of men headed by Mr. Ruben Wright to cross the plains and mountains in the search of gold in California. Read more…

Our Stained Glass Windows – Emily Taylor

Taylor, emily taylor
Our Stained Glass Windows – By Billie Dibble

  It is often difficult to find information in print about women who lived during the early part of the twentieth century. Mrs. Emily Taylor whose name appears on one of our stained glass windows is an exception. We find that she came to Westfield when she was only a few months old. She was born in Clinton, NY, on September 3, 1832. In 1853 she married Harvey M. Taylor, who died nine years later. To them were born five children, one of whom was Mrs. J. A. MacDonald who was the mother of Bessie MacDonald.. Read more…

Our Stained Glass Windows – Rickenbrode

RickenbrodeRickenbrode jacob & mary           The name from a stained glass window for this month is Jacob F. Rickenbrode who was born in 1826 in Pine Grove, Venango County, Pennsylvania. While living in Pine Grove he was married to Mary Schwab “A noble Christian woman”. Read more…